We're proud to have the support of many amazing people.

Team Member

  • Adam Miller

    CEO, Universe

    Very excited for what's to come!

  • Jenny Silber

    COO, Universe
  • Erica Oh

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ruth Wu

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Logan Evasco

    Head of Product
  • Joel Emerson

    Campaigns Director
  • Art Phung

    UI Designer
  • Emon Datta

    Staff Data Engineer
  • Kyna Wiltz

    Campaign Manager

Team Member


    • Ace Silber

      Head of Finance
    • Jeju Oh

      Office Security
    • Ziti Barney

      Head of Snacks
    • Sir Jiggery Pokery

      Human + Feline Resources
    • Mitos Silber

      Legal Counsel
    • Basu Evasco

      Social Chair
    • Milkdud Emerson

      GIS Catographer